Intermediate PowerPoint 2016 – 16th January 2018

“Excellent - very clear and methodical - Many thanks”

Intermediate Excel 2016 - 22nd January 2018.

“Absolutely brilliant day - Thank you Debbie, learnt so much even things I wouldn't have imagined.”

Introduction to Excel 2016 - 23rd January 2018.

“Really enjoyed the training - Debbie is a very good teacher”
“Debbie explained everything in laymans terms, Really enjoyed the training”
“Very informative - learnt a lot”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 30th January 2018

“Very enjoyable course”
“Wasn't boring and didn't drag - would recommend to others”
“Very well delivered , learnt lots!”
“I thought the course was very useful and interesting, Debbie thoroughly explained things for us to easily understand.”
“Really enjoyed today's course.”

Excel 2016 Data Analysis – 31st January 2018

“Fantastic knowledge shared by Debbie in an interactive and supportive way.”

Advanced Word 2016 - 1st February 2018

“Great session, enjoyable & informative”

Microsoft Project 2016 Training – 6th & 7th February 2018.

“Enjoyed the course and Debbie you have been excellent - Thank You”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 8th February 2018.

“Fab course, everything explained and very easy to understand, lunch was lovely also.”
“Very interactive and very well delivered”
“Great course and taught in a manner easy to understand”

Introduction to Excel - 6th March 2018.

“Easy to follow training course - highly recommended”
“Lots of helpful info - looking forward to the Intermediate Course.”
“Excellent course , lots of information, will hopefully be back for the next level”
“Easy to understand, lots of knowledge to take away”
“Felt it was exactly what I required. Very comfortable - excellent training from Debbie, Thank you”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 8th March 2018.

“Great day with lots of information, I will recommend to others at my company”
“Enjoyed learning at the same time as being shown”

Advanced Excel 2016 – 13th March 2018.

“Learnt a lot about how to improve current spreadsheets. Lots of helpful and useful tricks.”
“A very good course, informative and comfortable environment - Thank You”
“Another great course - Thank you”

Microsoft Project 2016 Training – 14th & 15th March 2018.

“Good materials provided - very interactive course allowing for practise time and problem resolution”

Intermediate Excel 2016 - 20th March 2018.

“Fantastic & Interesting course - Thank you”

Tailored Access 2016 Training – 21st March 2018.

“Good Training - Thank you”

Intermediate Word 2016 – 11th April 2018.

“Friendly trainer, very welcoming and knowledgeable”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 12th April 2018.

“Knowledgeable trainer, relevant course content, enjoyable day Thanks”
“Really enjoyable and easily absorbed – very patient -Thank you”
“Excellent training – just the right amount of help and information”