Intermediate Excel 2016 - 7th September 2017

“Excellent delivery at a good pace, attention held 100%”
“Really well presented & informative”
“Debbie explained every topic really well & clearly - really enjoyed it - Thank you”
“I would like to do Advanced Word”
“Really engaging & enjoyable course. Covered more topics than expected.”
“Definitely useful in day to day work.Thanks for having us!”

Microsoft Project 2016 – 13th & 14th September 2017.

“All very clear and question specific to our areas answered - Thank you”
“Everything was really informative & relevant. Perfect pace.”
“Very good and well presented course”
“Clear and made interesting”

Advanced Excel 2016 – 15th September 2017.

“Debbie was great and very knowledgeable, the course was fun and although I use Excel a lot I still learnt new things - Great Course”
Great training as always - Thank you”
“Great course and content as usual - Thank you Debbie”

Microsoft Project 2016 – 27th & 28th September 2017

“Excellent course delivered at the right pace”
“Debbie was an excellent tutor, All questions answered fully”
“The course was very enjoyable and the tutor gave an excellent presentation.”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 5th October 2017.

“Went above and beyond what I was expecting. Was very easy to follow Debbie's Instructions.”
“Pitched at correct level, very inclusive”
“Easy to understand, Thanks for making it so interesting”
“Well spent time that should save more time in the future”

Introduction to Excel 2016 – 11th October 2017.

“Fantastic training day full of information. Debbie is great at explaining info - Thank you”
“Debbie had a really good teaching style”
“Enjoyable and I feel I've learnt a lot - Thank you”
“Fun & interactive session - Thank you”

Advanced Excel - 18th October 2017

“Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot and refreshed things previously learnt - Thank you”
“Excellent delivery at good pace, answering all questions along the way - Cheers Debbie”
“Brilliant - thanks Debbie”

Introduction to Access 2016 – 26th October 2017

“Stuart was very knowledgable and helpful.”
“Good introduction to Access”

Intermediate Access 2016 – 27th October 2017.

“Nothing was too much effort - highly recommend tutor”
“Very helpful.”

Introduction to Excel – 30th October 2017

“Very informative course”
“Very helpful and not as scary as expected”
Excellent course, pace and content just right”
Very friendly and a welcome relaxing course”
“Excellent- thank you Debbie”
“Good content, easy to understand and well delivered”
“Look forward to Intermediate Course”

Advanced Excel 2016 – 14th November 2017.

“Thank you”
“I enjoyed the course very much”

Advanced Excel 2016 – 15th November 2017.

“Right level, right speed”
“Great course, learnt a lot of useful information”
“Very well presented, thank you”
“Very well presented, enjoyed the course. I am hoping to use all learnt in my work.”
“Excellent course delivered very well. I will definitely recommend to colleagues.”

Advanced Excel 2016 – 16th November 2017.

“I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot of new skills in Excel”
“A Very enjoyable course - covered all objectives, clear and concise”
“Great day, enjoyed the course”
“Very easy to follow instruction - Thank you”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 21st November 2017.

“Really enoyed session - benefitted from small group size”
“Excellent clear information, Thank you”

Introduction to Outlook 2016 – 28th November 2017.

“Amazing, very friendly, most importantly not made to feel stupid - Excellent”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 29th November 2017.

“Great course, very informative”
“Really enjoyed the course - learnt loads”
“Perfect as a self-confessed novice, this was invaluable”

SharePoint 2016 Training – 12th December 2017.

“Stuart delivered the course really well and I found the content delivered very helpful. I would recommend this course to people.”
“Very good delivery of the course, easy to understand and opportunities to ask questions. I would recommend the course.”

Intermediate PowerPoint 2016 – 14th December 2017.

“Thank you for an excellent course.”