Course Schedule

November 2018

Date Course Duration
7th Advanced Excel 1 day
13th& 14th Microsoft Project 2 days
15th Introduction to Excel 1 day
26th Intermediate Word 1 day
27th Intermediate Excel 1 day
28th Introduction to PowerPoint 1 day

December 2018

Date Course Duration
6th Intermediate Excel 1 day
10th Introduction to Excel 1 day
12th Excel Chart Expert 1 day
18th Intermediate PowerPoint 1 day

January 2019

Date Course Duration
9th Introduction to Word 1 day
16th Intermediate Excel 1 day
21st & 22nd Microsoft Project 1 days
23rd Advanced Excel 1 day
24th Introduction to Outlook 1 day
30th Intermediate Word 1 day
31st Intermediate PowerPoint 1 day<

February 2019

Date Course Duration
4th Advanced Word 1 day
6th & 7th Microsoft Project 2 days
12th Intermediate Excel 1 days
13th Excel Formula Expert 1 day
14th Advanced Excel 1 day
20th & 21st Microsoft Project 2 days
25th Intermediate PowerPoint 1 day<