Course Schedule

Our course schedule now has various options, we can deliver courses here at our training suite at The Deep Business Centre, on site at your offices or via Microsoft Teams. If the dates listed are at K2, the sessions will be full day running from 9:30 until 4:00. If the dates listed are via MS Teams, the AM sessions run from 9:30 until 12:30 and the PM sessions run from 1:30 until 4:30. For each Teams course (such as Intermediate Excel) – you will need to attend sessions A and B to complete the full scheduled course.

March 2024

Date Course Session
28th Microsoft Publisher 1 day

April 2024

Date Course Session
3rd Microsoft Visio 1 day
4th Power BI 1 day
8th Intermediate Excel 1 day
9th & 10th Microsoft Project 2 days
11th Intermediate Outlook 1 day
16th Introduction to Excel 1 day
17th Intermediate Word 1 day
18th SharePoint 1 day
23rd Advanced Excel 1 day
24th & 25th Microsoft Project 2 days
30th Intermediate PowerPoint 1 day

May 2024

Date Course Session
1st Intermediate Excel 1 day
7th Introduction to Excel 1 day
8th Power BI 1 day
9th Intermediate Word 1 day
15th Intermediate Outlook 1 day
22nd Advanced Excel 1 day
29th & 30th Microsoft Project 2 days

June 2024

Date Course Session
5th Intermediate Excel 1 day
6th Intermediate Word 1 day
12th & 13th Microsoft Project 2 days
18th Advanced Excel 1 day
20th Intermediate Word 1 day
26th Intermediate Excel 1 day