Excel 2016 Formula Expert – 22nd May 2018

“Very informative and well presented”

Intermediate Excel 2016 - 23rd May 2018.

“I need to pursuade my line manager to do the Advanced course now”
“Very easy to understand and came across well for all levels of knowledge”
“Enjoyable and informative course - everything explained in an easy way to digest”
“Really informative, presented in an informal way, I feel I have learnt a lot more than I thought I would”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained all the releant knowledge I required - I will definitely recommend and hopefully return.”

Advanced Excel 2016 - 31st May 2018.

“Enjoyed the training, lots of ideas shared for me to use back at work”
“Going away with useful shortcuts to reduce the time spent manually moving data into reports ”

Tailored Office Training – 4th June 2018

“Great course, well presented and very bespoke to our requirements”
“Very well explained and worked at a pace to suit all levels of knowledge and experience.”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 5th June 2018.

“Very well presented & enjoyable. Thank you for a very good course”
“Looking forward to the Advanced course”
“Learnt lots of things I wasn't aware of, hopefully will aid me at the office.”

Intermediate Word 2016 – 12th June 2018.

“really enjoyed the course - very useful tips and tricks”
“Excellent course - delivered well, explained well, learnt a lot today”

Introduction to Excel 2016 – 13th June 2018

“Course delivered really well”
“Very well presented & Enjoyable.”
“Very useful day which will help my confidence in Excel grow”
“Found the course really helpful - thank you”

Microsoft Project 2016 Training – 20th & 21st June 2018

“To make something quite confusing and intense very easy and easy to understand is a gift.”
“Debbie is a very patient teacher and great listener, which enables her to truly help the delegates with the task at hand (as opposed to confusing them more!)”
“Friendly course - very comprehensive”
“Course delivery was excellent, taking into account the complexity of the course subject.Course material was excellent”
“Really enjoyed, looking forward to putting it into practise, very helpful and friendly”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 25th June 2018

“Extremely helpful and covered many things that will help me on a daily basis. Very well presented and easy to follow”
“Really helpful and informative and will definitely help in my day to day work”
“Very helpful, very clear with instructions”
“Debbie was an amazing teacher and a very nice person”
“Excellent, informative and friendly trainer”

Introduction to Excel 2016 – 26th June 2018

“Excellent, clear information”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 27th June 2018.

“Really knowledgeable trainer, answered all questions. Really good teaching method, made it easy to learn and remember.”
“Very well delivered course”
“Brilliant course and very helpful for my needs”
“Debbie was a great trainer, very engaging & helpful with additional questions & tips”

Microsoft Project 2016 Training – 28th & 29th June 2018.

“Very informative course, Debbie was extremely well knowledged in this area, excellent tutor. I would recommend this course to my work colleagues”
“Excellent course, covers all areas & levels of what I need in my work place”

Advanced Excel 2016 – 4th July 2018

“Excellent - Thank you”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 4th July 2018

“I found out more than I expected”
“Great training session. Appreciate your help with our specific questions too not covered in the course”
“Fantastic content and introduction to Intermediate Excel. Highly recommended”

Intermediate PowerPoint 2016 – 5th July 2018.

“Very polite & Helpful and explained brilliantly – thank you”