Advanced Excel 2016 Via Teams – 4th February 2021

“Course was very good and informative, learned a lot and parts learn in the course will be used to improve my day-to-day work”
“I was really pleased with how Debbie tailored the training to our needs, for example, when we mentioned that we didn't really use dynamic tables she always showed us how formulas worked with and without a dynamic table.”

Tailored Project 2016 Via Teams – 10th February 2021.

“good content, well presented, as a new user of projects this gave me a good understanding of the subject. thank you!”
“A very informative 3-hours. I think it was a little harder to take in due to the fact the course had to be run via 'Teams', but there is nothing we could currently do different with the Covid-19 climate situation. Personally, I learn better following through and using the software, but none the less it was delivered clearly and understood. If only my memory was better, Im sure it will come back as I go through my notes. It was obvious Debbie was an expert in this field. I have used the very basics of MS Project before, but don’t find it an easy package to use? Many thanks for a well delivered course.”
“Very informative course. Debbie was a highly skilled and good trainer.”

Introduction to Excel 2016 Via Teams – 18th February 2021.

“Debbie was very patient with me and the information received was clear and concise I have learnt many new things and I'm eager to try them out now!”

Word 365 New Features Via Teams – 10th March 2021.

“The course was relevant and informative. I like that the trainer asked what we would like to get out of it at the beginning and then checked back at the end to make sure she had covered this.”
“Very well delivered at an understandable pace

Intermediate Excel 2016 via MS Teams – 11th March 2021.

“Debbie, was great. Really explained everything well and progressed at a good pace. Thank you”
“Debbie worked well to run the course via teams and ensured everyone was keeping up in the session and could follow along with the tasks.”
“It would be nice to have seen a summary of the course content for sessions 1 & 2 and as we identified very quickly during the first session two screens are needed to allow both the teams window and the active excel file to be viewed simultaneously.”
“Participants will benefit from having 2 screens to work from. Overall I learnt a lot of new excel functions and shortcuts which I will use in my role. Debbie was clear with instructions and explaining why certain functions are performed.”

Advanced Excel 365 New features via MS Teams – 16th March 2021.

“Really useful tips, I will definitely be using these. I thought there was just the right amount of content too.”
“I found the course very informative and learnt a number of new techniques that will improve my work and also provide shortcuts to make me more efficient with Excel. Debbie used a very interactive method of delivering the training which kept everyone engaged and the session flowed very well. I was very impressed with the content on Pivot Tables and will take a lot away from that to use in the reports I produce on a monthly basis with skills I can put into place straight away.”

Intermediate Excel 2016 via MS Teams – 17th March 2021.

“The training sessions were very clear”
“We have got lots of materials. Now it is important to start implementing it in practice!”
“Excellently delivered training with perfect pacing from Debbie which allowed me to follow along as we were introduced to a wide array of useful Excel data management/processing techniques.”

Advanced Excel 2016 via Teams – 19th March 2021.

“Really great to complete this training, have already started using some functions that I didn't know existed. I would love to know more about some areas that weren't covered such as calculated fields in pivot tables and the statistical tools/graphs.”
“Excellent tuition and delivery of course content. It has definitely improved how i look at and use Excel. Thank you :)”
“I enjoyed the course very much and it will be extremely useful going forward for my role and any future roles I may have. Obviously due to Covid restrictions it was difficult to carry out the training online but I would have liked some activities or tasks that could be carried out individually and then assessed by Debbie.”
“I was a little taken back by how the course was delivered to begin with as it didn't follow the traditional format of slides etc. However after the initial surprise I found the course really great and I learnt loads. Now looking forward to using it.”

Advanced Excel 2016 Via Teams – 29th March 2021.

“Still enjoyed this course and learnt some quick tips and tricks, although i felt as though most of the criteria was already covered in the intermediate version so not sure if i needed to attend this one.”
“it was great to learn some of the tips and tricks for use with Excel that are not commonly known or used.”
“Very useful course, can’t wait to get stuck in with it. Many thanks”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 14th April 2021.

“Very well presented course – would recommend the course”

Intermediate Excel 2016 – 26th April 2021.

“Informative, wonderfully enjoying. Would love to do more things in the future - Thank you”
“Really enjoyed the course, great to do face to face training too! Thank you”

Introduction to Project 2016 – 27th April 2021.

“I would have benefited from the course being longer so I would feel better prepared for creating a large and more complex plan”
“Great session, clear & simple guidance, and walk through, I've now got a better understanding of MS Project - Thank you”