Microsoft Office Access - Intermediate

1 Day Duration


This intermediate course is aimed at users who have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Access and require the skills to further enhance the capabilities of existing databases, via intelligent queries, user friendly forms and complex reporting. It is recommended delegates have a hands-on knowledge of the design of databases, prior to attending this course.

Further Table Design

Table relationships
Working with indexes in Access
Input masks for text fields
Field and table validation

Intelligent Queries

Calculated queries
Parameter queries
Text parameters
Numeric parameters
Date parameters
Action queries
Make table query
Append query
Update query
Delete query
Grouped queries

Further Form Design Options

Creating forms from scratch
Forms with sub forms
Adding controls onto forms
Command buttons
Calculated fields
Creating switchboards
Individual field properties
Updating field properties

Further Report Design Options

Creating reports from scratch
Creating subtotals and total fields
Adding calculated fields to reports

Importing Data into Access

Introducing the import wizard
Importing Excel data into Access
Importing text files into Access
Saving import settings