Microsoft Office Access - Introduction

1 Day Duration


This introductory course is aimed at users who have little or no previous working knowledge of Microsoft Office Access. This will provide delegates with hands on experience of creating databases from scratch. The course covers creating tables, queries, forms and reports in Access, as well as looking at the design of each element within the database.

Introducing Access

Database basics
Planning the database
Saving the database – initially
Database window

Getting Started - Tables

Using the wizard to create a table
Introducing table design view
Creating tables within design view
Field names
Data types
Field properties
Entering data into tables
Creating relationships within the database
Referential Integrity - explained

Querying Data within the Database

Using the wizard to create queries
Creating queries in design view
Query criteria
Introducing multi-table queries

Data Input Forms

Creating forms using the wizard
Form design view
Formatting form design
Form headers and footers
Form detail sections

Reports within Access

Reporting theory
Selecting relevant datasets to report
Creating reports using the report wizard
Report design view
Formatting report design
Report headers and footers
Report page headers and footers
Report detail section