Microsoft Office Excel – Chart Expert Class

1 Day Duration


This specialist course, is aimed at Excel users who have created charts within their roles, but would like to explore the full charting capabilities of Excel. This course recaps on chart basics and generic rules within Excel, and then works through hands-on examples of all of the chart types in Excel. This course also demonstrates how users can create their own custom formatted charts.

Recapping the Basics

Standard chart type s and data layout
The Chart Wizard
Chart Type
Source Data
Chart Options
Chart Location

Formatting Charts

Chart Area
Plot Area
Columns, bars and pie charts
Chart titles
Gridlines and axis
Clip art / pictures within charts
Corporate logos within charts

Column / Bar Charts

Standard 2-D column / bar charts
3-D column / bar charts
Stacked column charts
Percentage stacked column charts

Excel Charts in Other Applications

Exporting charts to Word           
Exporting charts to PowerPoint

Line Charts

Standard line charts
Stacked area charts

Advanced Chart Types

Pie of pie charts
Bar of pie charts
Bubble charts
Gantt charts
Stock charts
Donut charts

Combination Charts

Combined column and line charts
Charts on secondary axis

Custom Chart Types

Looking at built-in custom charts
Creating user-defined custom charts