Microsoft Office Project - Introduction

1 Day Duration


This introductory course is aimed at users who have little or no previous working knowledge of Microsoft Office Project. This will provide delegates with hands on experience of project planning, working through the application to create a project plan from scratch. The course looks at all aspects of the project design and looks at reporting tools.

Introducing Project

Toolbars – standard and formatting
Gantt Chart View
Status Bar and scroll bars
Task Pane
Timescales with Project

Project Planning

Project features
Project constraints
Defining Parameters
Identifying tasks and resources

Setting Project Parameters

Project Calendars
Individual project
Working and non-working times

Working with Tasks

Entering tasks into a Project
Tasks V Milestones
Tasks Notes
Linking items to tasks
Setting task durations
Setting task relationships
Outlining a project
Work breakdown structure
Task constraints
The critical path

Working With Resources

Creating the resource pool
Choosing task type by resource
Linking items to resources
Assigning resources to tasks

Project Charts and Reports

Saving projects for the first time
Saving changes
The Gantt chart
The Network (PERT) Diagram
Overview reports
Current activities reports
Cost reports
Assignment reports
Workload reports
Setting the Project Baseline