Microsoft Office Visio – Intermediate

1 Day Duration



This intermediate course is aimed at users who have a comfortable working knowledge of Microsoft Office Visio and wish to gain skills in some of the more sophisticated drawings the application can develop. The course will include the layering capabilities, as well as adding custom properties to objects and drawings.

Working with Stencils

Background stencil
Symbol stencil
Borders and titles stencil
Embellishment stencil
Moving and floating stencils

Working with Templates

Creating a new template
Using a custom template
Using styles
Applying and editing styles
Defining new styles for objects

Working with Layers

About layers
Viewing layer properties
Working with layers
Manipulating layers

Working across Applications

Visio objects in Word documents
Visio objects in PowerPoint presentations
Linking and embedding Visio objects

Customising Visio

Working with multiple toolbars
Working with multiple windows
Working with multiple dialogue boxes
Visio options