Microsoft Office Word - Introduction

1 Day Duration


This introductory course is aimed at users who have little or no previous working knowledge of Microsoft Office Word. This will provide delegates with hands on experience of creating a number of documents. The delegates will work through the day looking at how simplistic document creation can be.

Introducing Word

Toolbars – standard and formatting
Rulers and pages
Status Bar and scroll bars
Navigating through documents

Getting started

Entering words, sentences and paragraphs
Selecting words, sentences and paragraphs
Moving and copying text
Editing text
Deleting text

Document Formatting

Formatting words, sentences and paragraphs
Font styles and size
Bullets and numbering
Undo and redo

Tables in Word

Creating simple tables
Formatting tables
Entering text into tables
Table placement and properties

Document Proofing

Spell checking

Preparing to Print

Page set up options
Headers and footers
Printing options

Saving documents

Saving documents for the first time
Saving changes
Choosing file locations
Choosing file names